Happier Kids

08 January 2014

Here at Ekta, we assure you that there is nothing more important to us than your kids.



08 January 2014

We would like to welcome you to one of the finest educational institution in the district.


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Happier Kids

Ekta Boarding School Nursery Students Here at Ekta, we assure you that there is nothing more important to us than your kids.

We're taking extra care of every children that comes to our place and make sure that they are loving to play and learn. Development of good behavior in early childhood is what that keeps your kids ahead of others. He also learns interactively in presence of legos, rich content powered android PC, two dedicated grade teachers and variety of playing and learning materials. We are always looking forward to hearing your suggestions in this matter.

Principal's Message

Welcome everyone! Our commitment at Ekta Boarding High School is to provide a safe and intellectually challenging environment that will empower students to become innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers and inspired learners.

SLC Students


Rabin Shrestha
Bhupendra Shrestha
Pushpa Kumar Shrestha
Prabin Kakshapati
Rashina Silwal
Usha Thapa


Rajendra Shrestha
Nirjana Maskey
Dil Bahadur Karki
Krishna Man Shrestha
Rashila Joshi
Anushiya Shrestha
Krishna Shrestha
Laxmi Shrestha
Prabhat Kakshapati
Bijendra Kakshapati
Prasanna Kakshapati


Rajendra Shrestha
Bijay Shrestha
Bhupendra Dulal
Sumitra Shrestha
Kabita Shrestha
Binita Shrestha
Sangita Dhital


Raj Kumar Shrestha
Bijaya Dhungana
Rabi Shrestha
Puskar Nepal
Kalpana Silwal
Sundar Shrestha
Sita Ram Adhikari
Prakriti Kakshapati
Roshan Ghimire
Kabita Shrestha
Amrit Dulal
Kranti Kakshapati
Sharmila Shrestha
Nirmala Shrestha
Anita Lama
Puskar Gautam
Sujan Shrestha


Smita Shrestha
Nikesh Shrestha
Rupesh Mahat
Bishow Ram Giri
Hari Raj Shrestha
Shiva Shankar Shrestha
Kabita Khatiwoda
Aastha Shrestha
Dinesh Singh Dhami


Anuma Shrestha
Bibek Singh Dhami
Januka Shrestha
Sujan Shrestha
Buddha Shrestha


Kiran Shrestha
Rashika Joshi
Rabi Shrestha
Roshani Ghale
Ganesh Chaulagain
Sushmita Maskey
Sujit Shrestha


Binaya Khadka
Ganesh Shrestha
Amrita Parajuli
Mamata Shrestha
Nirmala Dhami
Rashmila Tamang
Sarita Magar
Sandip Ghorasaini


Rajan Shrestha
Lushan Shrestha
Bishal Shrestha
Pranav Shrestha
Sunita Shrestha
Sabina Kafle
Ganesh Timilsina
Eugene Shrestha


Deepak Silwal
Kajol Dulal
Sarita Sunar
Sujana Shrestha
Aayush Raj Joshi
Srijana Tamang
Sujana Shrestha
Sajana Shrestha
Rikesh Shrestha
Prabhat Sapkota
Samiksha Sapkot
Menuka Tamang
Megha Pradhan
Rakesh Shrestha


Anuj Shrestha
Jharana Dulal
Sudha Pradhan
Amit Dulal
Karma Lama


Srijana Subedi
Sarad Shrestha
Ranjeeta Shrestha
Manish Kapali
Birendra Tamang